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Show Report 2009

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August Bank Holiday was again the popular date for Aveton Gifford’s Classic Car Show.

The interest from owners, press and the public was greater than ever, but Tony Porter and Tim Abrahall faced an anxious time as persistent light rain, punctuated only by downpours, led to cancellation questions.  However, bales of straw and a huge trailer full of bark chippings, kindly donated by James Freeguard and David Lethbridge respectively, fought the mud, and the rain relented just in time.  By midday there were patches of blue up there, and one exhibitor was seen shirtless in his deck chair! Our army of volunteers kept their yellow jackets on till the very end. We couldn’t have done it without you, boys and girls, so thank you all again.

From one end to the other of the playing fields, once again kindly donated by the District Council, 74 classics lined up, from the tiniest old Austins to our favourite Cadillac pick up and a beautiful old Bentley.  There was even an old Unimog, muddy from use earlier in the day.  Sadly the much heralded “Ruby”, 1948 Plymouth, had problems and had to withdraw.

New features included a Punch and Judy show.  The puppets were dressed in mechanics’ overalls because they worked in the adjacent life- like mock up of Friends Garage, Ivybridge.  There was also a huge bouncy castle and nearby a dozen stalls offering various merchandise from Chilli Farm chocolate and plants to Autoglym Car Products and hand made baskets.

With publicity this year as wide as The Western Morning News, Evening Herald, Kingsbridge Gazette and Devon County Radio, people came from far and wide.  Unable to use the field on the bridge due to the wet, car parking was a problem, but a team of volunteers directed visitors into many scattered places from Timbers all the way up to the cricket ground.  Some did not like the walk, but others agreed it did them good! Thanks Chris for keeping them cool!

Click for photos from the 2009 showClick for photos from the 2009 showClick for photos from the 2009 show

At 3 o’clock Rod Bromfield announced that the Raffle Draw was about to take place. Now Rod is from Bigbury on sea, roughly 5 miles away, and several residents of that worthy Parish reported that, once his huge voice started announcing the winners, followed by his auctioneer’s act, they could hear him clearly from their gardens! Once again, we are indebted to Red Propeller, the Chilli Farm, Autoglym and Fir Tree Surfing for their great prizes. This year they were joined in their generosity by The Eden Project, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Red and White Wines, Quercus Beers, Ed Tarr and many others. These must make ours the most popular Raffle of the Summer, but it would have counted for nought were if not for two people who spent the WHOLE DAY selling tickets. Rob and Cass, you’ve got a job for life!!

In the food dept too, we are special. At great risk, Caroline and Phillipa bought in more supplies than ever and still managed to sell out. They were rewarded, though, with their pics in the Gazette. Unfortunately neither has spoken to the Organiser since! We hope they will come back though. Same for the other foodies. What other Show offers Crepes, Gallettes and Smoothies, or three different Curries with a choice of three different sauces. We chose beef with raita, a massive portion for 4 quid!

As 4 o’clock approached, heads came out of bonnets, engines started, hands were shaken, and the long exit began.  “See you next year” they shouted, over the noise of a dozen different claxon and air horns.  They deemed our show a success, and so did we with so much fun and £2762 more raised for our preschool.  With substantial additional funding now available thanks to Devon County Council, and Planning Permission having been received, we only await Building Regulations for our contractor to get cracking with the new building. 

When everyone comes back to our Show next August Bank Holiday, they should be able to visit the new building, and even introduce a pupil or two! Mandy will make them most welcome (01548 550 541)

Click for photos from the 2009 showClick for photos from the 2009 showClick for photos from the 2009 show

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