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Mark Grimshaw, CICA - Law Enforcement & Intelligence Analysis Consultant

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Welcome... the website for Mark Grimshaw, Certified Criminal Analyst, Consultant in Law Enforcement & Intelligence Analysis.

I am an independent consultant and analytical practitioner with over 22 years experience working as an analyst, managing analysts, working with and helping develop analytical software, primarily in the police and law enforcement arena but also including the insurance fraud arena.

I have set up this consultancy to use my experience, expertise and knowledge to help customers develop an analytical function within their environment or get as much value as possible from existing investments in analytical training and tools.

Please see the "About Me" tab for a precis of my experience.

I am based in the United Kingdom but am prepared to travel if required.


  • Analytical Software Development
  • IBM i2 iBase Schema Design and Implementation
  • Intelligence Analysis Consultancy
  • Investigative Analysis Consultancy
  • Development of Analytical Training Material
  • Analytical Projects
  • Telcommunications Data Analysis

If you have a particular requirement which does not appear to be covered here please contact me to discuss your needs.

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