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About me...

On the 10th November 2004, I retired as Principal analyst for the Gloucestershire Constabulary in the United Kingdom and also as a police officer after having completed 30 years service.

In 1990, I became involved in the investigation of Major/Serious Crime and have been a Criminal Intelligence Analyst in this field since 1991.

I am trained in Strategic Intelligence Analysis having completed the Intelligence Study Centre training.

I was the analyst for the Cromwell Street Serial Murder Investigation in 1994/95 and have given consultancy service to a number of other high profile cases in the UK including the murders of Jessica Chapman & Holly Wells in Soham, Cambridgeshire.

I have a wealth of experience with all forms of analytical disciplines, the use of analytical software and have received six commendations relating to my analytical work. One from a Judge and the rest from my former Chief Constables, the last one I received the day after I retired.

I have a sound working knowledge of the UK National Intelligence Model having been one of three people responsible for it's development and implementation in the Gloucestershire Constabulary. I have given presentations relating to NIM in India, Germany, France and Romania.

I am still active within the analytical community and have served as Chairman of the i2 User Group Committee, I was a founding member of the i2 Analyst's Notebook Accreditation Panel and I gave regular input from a practitioners point of view to training courses both for i2 & National police staff training colleges in the UK. I have been a board advisor to and am currently a member of the Association of Crime and Intelligence Analysts (ACIA) based in the UK and ran their website until 2010.

I have also been a member of several National Working Parties in relation to analysis of Major Crime Investigations and Intelligence Development within Law Enforcement.

In addition to my work with i2, I was also the founding secretary of the Harlequin Watson (now Xanalys) user group.

I have, almost since my start as an analyst, been very closely involved in the development of analysis software and have been directly responsible for the development of a telecommunications analysis database.

I joined the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) in 1996, in an effort to expand my knowledge and foster contacts with other Analysts in other countries.  I have been Secretary & President of the UK Chapter of IALEIA and am a lifetime certificated member of and served on the board of the Society of Certified Criminal Analysts. The certification program is now run by IALEIA and I have recently received a lifetime recertification under the new programme.

Since retiring I worked as a consultant for IBM i2 until 2015 and in addition I am engaged in analytical consultancy for a number of businesses especially in the Insurance Fraud investigation arena. I also continue to work for police forces as a consultant intelligence analyst when commisioned and was recently a member of the UK Home Office RDHI Working Party relating to the use of telecoms data.

Outside of work my main interest is Italy, it's cuisine and wine and Alfa Romeo Cars.

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