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Mark Grimshaw, CICA - Law Enforcement & Intelligence Analysis Consultant

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Shortest Path Training Ltd

Shortest Path Training provides you and your organisation with first class training for IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook, IBM Analyst's Notebook Premium and IBM i2 iBase.*

At Shortest Path Training we understand that different organisations and individuals have very different training needs. We offer a range of open courses taught at regular intervals. Or we can provide unique bespoke courses based upon specific functionality and data sets, and reflecting the students’ current software knowledge.

*(IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook and IBM i2 iBase are software products owned and sold by IBM Corporation and these terms are IBM Trademarks.)

RISC UK - Research & Intelligence Support Centre Risc is a wholly-owned UK company specialising in the delivery of professional and intelligence analysis consulting and training services to law enforcement, govenment and the business sector. They deliver courses both inside and outside the UK 

IBM i2 - Analysts Notebook IBM® i2® Analyst’s Notebook® is a visual intelligence analysis environment that can optimize the value of massive amounts of information collected by government agencies and businesses. It allows analysts to quickly collate, analyze and visualize data from disparate sources while reducing the time required to discover key information in complex data. IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook delivers timely, actionable intelligence to help identify, predict, prevent and disrupt criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.

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