Insalata Caprese

Created on the island of Capri, to celebrate the green (basil) white (mozzarella) & red (tomato), colours in the Italian flag, few recipes could be so simple but as with all Italian recipes made with top quality ingredients.


  • Tomatoes, preferably vine ripened, not too ripe and not refrigerated.
  • Mozzarella di bufala
  • Basil leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper

The quantities will depend on how many you are feeding but 2 tomatoes to half a mozzarella is a good ratio per person, depending of course on the size and how big you want the starter.

(I keep my tomatoes in a cool cupboard, storing them in a refrigerator kills the flavour)


Slice the tomatoes into rounds, slice the mozzarella into rounds and layer alternately on a plate, sprinkle with torn basil leaves, season sparingly with salt and fresh ground black pepper, drizzle lightly with olive oil just before serving.

The important things with this dish are the quality of the ingredients, and the simplicity. You will have seen versions of this with balsamic vinegar, capers, pesto, pine nuts etc. I am saying this is wrong it’s just not the way it was intended.

Another variation is to add an alternating slice of avocado as well.